These are links to the references mentioned in a number of my talks based on the Community of Needs / Community of Solutions. You can see them here… LASCOT2016, ALE2015, CAS2016 (Coming Soon)

The talks are based on the Community of Need & Community of Solutions blog post. The blog post is an evolution of the posts on Seeing Culture and Changing Culture.

Why do we do Agile?

The Agile Organisation – A view from Above (at London Lean Kanban Day)

Julian Everett’s Meme Lifecycle

Real Options book and keynote

Cynefin book and video. (Also check out the videos on youtube, vimeo and infoq).

Decision Making for Dummies

Crossing the Chasm

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Conscious Competence

Cumulative Flow Diagrams and Risk

Staff Liquidity (Part 1 & Part 2 & Skills Matrix)

Demand Mapping / Capacity Planning blog and video

IT Risk Management Framework

Metrics video

Weighted Lead Time

Beyond Budgeting book and video