My goal is simple. Help organisations to better deliver business (or customer) value by managing the risks involved. I aim to make my hiring manager happy by delivering an outcome that delights them. That does not mean I will always agree with them. That’s why I don’t sell my services too hard, because my managers hire me back.

I have a strong personal belief that consultancy should start with the needs of the organisation, and the needs lead to the application of a solution. I have over ten years experience applying Agile and Lean techniques and principles in different industries to support that claim.

I have an even stronger belief that consultancy should NOT start with my desire to implement a solution. Over the years I have helped to co-create a number of practices. These practices all came out of the need to solve a problem, never the desire to create a solution.

I love delivering training for organisations. My preference is to work with the organisation to create training that satisfies an organisational need. If you push me, I will deliver some “standard” training. I do not believe I should charge to create training material or research new methods to create training. If I do have to do research, you should probably hire someone else to the training.

I focus on “Building the right thing” rather than “Building the thing right”. “Building the right thing” means helping with value discovery (Product Management, Business Analysis, User Experience and Metrics) and risk management (Management & Leadership). If you need help with “Building the thing right”, I will happily provide an introduction to that another consultant for free.

Contact me about Coaching and Training by email at

I curate a gallery of useful links that people learning about Agile or Lean will find useful.

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