I have retired from speaking at conferences.This is a list of past talk:

Talks on Risk Management and Real Options ( Work in progress )

  1. The Complexity Jigsaw – Real Options & Complexity
  2. Introduction to Risk involved in Investments involving IT
    1. Business Case Risk
      1. Why business cases are toxic
      2. Metrics are the Devil’s dandruff
    2. Delivery Risk
      1. How to Scale Lead Time
      2. We don’t need testers. What we really need is testers
      3. Teaching your Unicorn to Fly / Defining Micro Services
      4. PM/UX/Agile – Bringing it all together
      5. The Perfectly Spherical Chicken
      6. The role of Project Managers in an Agile Organisation
      7. Real Options – Introducing Real Liquidity
    3. Damage to the existing business risk
      1. Real Options – Keynote
    4. Risk Managed versus Risk Averse Culture
      1. Tilting at Windmills
      2. The LASCOT Community & References

Here is a more comprehensive list of talks in reverse chronological order:

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