I mainly share my thoughts through the IT Risk Manager blog, and use twitter ( @papachrismatts ) to share random thoughts and observations.

My interest in Agile and Lean from the start has been how to improve the delivery in business and customer value by managing risk. As a result I’ve written about solving problems for organisations in the following subject areas:

  1. Build the right thing
  2. Risk Management
  3. Scaling Agile
  4. Culture
  5. Leadership and Management
  6. Governance

I have helped to create three books:

Commitment( You can get a free copy of the pdf here )

Rose Randell is a project manager who is promoted into a role she did not want.

Rose’s sister introduces her to the world of real options and suddenly she discovers that she has choice in her life.




Before the the IT Risk Manager blog, Olav Maassen and I co-wrote the decision coach blog. My first thoughts on Agile and Real Options were documented in the Agile Business Coach blog which now survives on http://www.archive.com. The Agile Business Coach blog is where the “Given-When-Then” format first appeared after Dan North and I created it. You can see the first post on 23rd August, and the subsequent formalisation of the pattern in the JBehave I to V posts.

Over the years I have been lucky to work closely with the excellent editors at InfoQ. On occasion, I affectionately refer to InfoQ as my other blog.

I stopped fully sharing my experiences in late 2018. I am currently working with groups on a number of projects related to scaled agile, culture and leadership. 

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